Settle Middle School


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Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of children during the important development period from ten to thirteen years old and accords with the National Curriculum. All pupils are taught the core and foundation subjects, including foreign languages, for the three years that they attend this school. In addition, some topics are taught via cross-curricular themes in, for example, personal and social education.

We aim to build on the children's primary school education and continue the teaching of basic skills of language and number, whilst moving to more specialist teaching in the broader curriculum by year eight. In year six when our pupils first come up from the primary schools, we try to ensure that they spend their time with a small number of teachers. As they move through the school up into year eight, they meet more members of staff and receive more specialist teaching as they grow older. In this way we are uniquely able to provide the depth of expertise necessary to properly deliver the National Curriculum successfully to year six pupils, at the end of key stage two. At the some time, we can also help our pupils to make a smooth and successful transition from Primary to Settle College.

Our curriculum is continuous within the school and we try to establish continuity with our primary schools, Ingleton Middle School and Settle College through effective liaison. A wide range of modern equipment, computers and audio visual aids supports all our teaching. In addition, our pupils are offered direct experiences through study journeys wherever possible.