Settle Middle School


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Science and Sex Education

We aim to develop every child’s natural curiosity, within a scientific setting.  We believe that children learn best from direct experience and so we try to provide this, whenever possible.  We emphasize that science is a process of discovery, as well as a body of knowledge and involve pupils in investigations so that they are challenged to pursue ideas, as well as introduced to basic scientific principles.
The content of our lessons in all three year groups has been carefully matched to the National Curriculum for science.  We use a variety of teaching styles and, although much of the work is child-centred, we use many teaching methods, including demonstrations, fieldwork and library research work.  We have a laboratory technician, two laboratories, a greenhouse, pond and wild area so the range and quality of our resources keeps developing.
During the three-year science and PSHCE courses we deal with our pupils’ personal development.  Part of this programme of study in years six and eight involves some sex education lessons, which follow nationally available schemes of work.  These have been approved by the governors and provide a link between science and the personal, social and health education programme (see page 11).  You have a right to withdraw your child from these lessons, if you wish.  In order to help you make an informed decision, we invite you to view the materials we use in school and give you an opportunity to discuss any concerns.