Settle Middle School


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We teach physical education to all our children twice each week.  We participate in all the major games, athletics, gymnastics, dance, cross-country running and other minor games.  Every child has swimming lessons for approximately six weeks during the spring term, subject to the availability of the neighbouring swimming pool.  We have three fully qualified P.E. teachers, who are ably assisted by other members of staff.  Our extensive game area includes football, rugby and hockey pitches and two netball courts for use in the winter.  We have an athletics track, a cricket pitch and three tennis courts for the summer and the all-weather pitch is available all year round.


We encourage our pupils to attend a variety of sporting clubs both during and after school.  The emphasis is on achieving maximum participation and enjoyment so the attendance is good.  We introduce a competitive element through inter-form competitions and matches against local schools.  We also encourage our pupils to participate in sporting activities outside school and many belong to local football, rugby, cricket, running, athletics and other sports teams.  These local clubs also help us by providing after school coaching.


We hope that through their experiences in and out of school, our pupils will enjoy physical education and will become healthier, more skilful, self-confident and socially integrated, both now and in later life.