Settle Middle School


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Welcome to Settle Middle School's Library

How do I join? You are automatically a member when you are at this school. You have two tickets which are kept in the library for you.

How many books can I borrow and for how long? You can borrow 2 books at a time. They are stamped with a return date of 2 weeks but can be borrowed for longer if you bring them back to be re-stamped by a librarian. Please do not let your books get overdue as you cannot borrow any more books until they are put them back neatly in the right place when you have finished. Then you and other pupils will be able to find them next time they are needed. If you dont know where they belong, put them in the white returns box.

 What is available? How do I find what I want?

Fiction or story books are on the long wall near the staff room and near the music room. They are arranged in alphabetical order according to the authors surname. If you only know the title, look in the card index to find the author, if it is a book we have. There is also some illustrated fiction at the end of the long wall.

Non-fiction/factual books are arranged according to subject e.g. sports, science, pets, and each  has its own code number. You can find some of these on a poster, or look in the card index for the number you want, or look at the shelf labels.

Reference books. Most of these are next to the staff room but some are with the other non-fiction. These can help you find information quickly and are kept in the library permanently.

The computer can be used for research or to do other work. There is only room for up to 3 people to use it at a time. Books about IT are on the shelf above the computer.

Audio tapes are at the back table and should be used with head-phones. There are stories, poems and different kinds of music.

The easiest way to know where things are is to spend some time just looking at the books. You can soon become a library and information expert!

Please remember, whenever you are in the library, try not to disturb others who may be working or reading.

Library opening times:-
All day to read or do research.

Morning break and lunchtime 12.30 to 12.50, when the librarians are on duty, to borrow books on your library tickets

Who to ask for help:-
Mrs Pauley (ask in the staff room if she is not in the library)
Your teacher during lesson times
The librarians 

Year 6 have special library sessions during registration. Other years should come normally at morning breaks or lunchtimes for personal borrowing.