Settle Middle School


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Learning Support


Our mixed-ability teaching acknowledges that all children have their own particular strengths and weaknesses and that catering for these demands a variety of teaching styles, a range of resources and an individual approach to learning.  This accepted, the idea of children ‘falling behind’ or being unable to ‘keep up’ is less relevant.  We know all our pupils well and are able to respond to each one.


We try to meet every child’s needs by appropriate teaching methods and materials, throughout the normal curriculum.  In English and mathematics we provide an extra teacher in some lessons to work alongside those children needing support.  At other times, children may receive extra help with basic skills, such as reading, spelling, handwriting and number by being withdrawn from some lessons individually or as part of a small group.  They may receive help from Mrs. Lassey (our school special needs co-ordinator) or from a visiting teacher.  We have a special learning support base for this, which is also regularly used by a small group of the most able pupils from each class to stretch their thinking skills.


If you feel your child has special educational needs, please talk to us about how we can work together to meet them.  In common with other schools, we have a special educational needs code of practice and pupils are staged according to their needs.  Occasionally, we may need to consult the Pupil Support Services but you will be consulted about this and fully involved in all the discussions.