Settle Middle School


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Our work in English follows the National Curriculum guidelines for Key stages two and three.  Up to the end of KS2 our year six children follow the curriculum prescribed by the National Literacy Strategy.  They complete word level (spelling and vocabulary), sentence level (grammar and punctuation) and text level (fiction and non-fiction reading comprehension and writing composition) work during a daily literacy lesson.


In KS3 our years seven and eight pupils build on this groundwork and follow a scheme which teaches them to analyse text in greater depth and to write in a style appropriate to the subject, be it creative or critical.  Basic skills, spelling, punctuation and grammar are constantly reinforced.


We also encourage our pupils to read widely through class silent reading time at the beginning of English lessons.  There is a broad selection of both fiction and non-fiction books available from the school library, which may be borrowed for reading at home.

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