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Primary Schools 

The twelve primary schools each give a local focus to community life in the villages of the area, and an excellent start to formal learning for all the children who attend them. The class teachers and heads welcome discussion with you on your child’s progress and future needs at any time.  At the age of ten (the end of year five) all our pupils transfer to one of the two middle schools in the area – Ingleton or Settle. 

Middle Schools 

Middle Schools were introduced thirty years ago to provide a three-tier system that made a bridge between primary and secondary schools and got over the discredited selection system.  The ethos of our local partnership is a real strength and we have something in this area which works very well.  The staff are happy; the parents like the system and the children do well socially and academically.  They go to middle school and they feel safe and secure because it is a gradual development for them. The middle school and primary school teachers are in regular contact with each other to plan continuous schemes of work.  They work together as a partnership to form a pyramid of schools.  As children develop, their need for specialist teaching increases, and our local children gain from the early introduction of specialist graduate teachers at their middle schools. Your child spends three years at the middle school, during which time the change from the primary school to the secondary school curriculum is phased in, including the first steps in learning French and German, earlier than in more traditional schools.  Homework is also introduced on a regular basis and increases during the three years of the middle school course.  Your child will also have access to well-equipped facilities to support learning, such as science labs.  and workshops and many PE opportunities. 

The subject teachers in both the middle schools maintain good liaison with each other and with Settle College so that the curricula are taught by specialists and are well matched, and lead naturally into, the GCSE courses. Another advantage of the middle school system is that the National Curriculum assessments at the end of years six and nine can be followed up by teachers in the same school, rather than having a break when a child transfers to another school (as happens in the more old-fashioned two-tier schools).  At the same time, the middle school system, not available in all parts of the country, introduces new challenges in learning and ensures that the move to the College at age thirteen is as smooth as possible. Our children are fortunate to be able to benefit from this system of schooling in North Craven, which gets rid of the arbitrary threshold at age eleven, and offers them a flying start to their secondary education, within a secure environment, where they are well known by every teacher.  In this way we can   offer enriched opportunities and help every individual to achieve his or her full potential.Free school transport is available if you live in the area and your child has to travel more than two miles when in year six; in years seven and eight the journey must be over three miles.

Settle College 

At the College each student following the National Curriculum will be entered to sit for the GCSE in up to ten subjects.  The number of subjects taken depends upon the individual student’s capability, which is not difficult for the students and their teachers to estimate from the information available.  Careful guidance is given to help students to make clear option choices based upon their individual strengths. 

Staying On

Another advantage of our system is that students do not have to transfer to another school for their sixth form studies.  After the GCSE examinations a large proportion of students stay on to take subjects at Advanced level.  Both GCSE and vocational courses are available.  After this, students can go on to follow courses at a wide range of places in Higher Education.  We also offer some intermediate courses and students can go on from there to follow advanced courses.  Alternatively, some young people may choose to transfer to FE courses, such as those offered by Craven College. 

All those who stay on after the age of sixteen are no longer obliged to wear school uniform.  They are, however, expected to provide leadership to younger students. 


We offer good careers guidance to all students by specialist teachers and by officers from the NYCC Careers Guidance Service.  They help students, not only with advice about their continuing education, but for those who are set on leaving at age sixteen, also help with finding suitable jobs.

The Community College

The school facilities are being increasingly used by a host of local clubs and groups.  There is a full programme of evening classes and adults are encouraged to return and join College classes.  You would be made most welcome too.

Like to know more? 

Every school in the area has its own brochure, which is available for parents and prospective parents.  It gives details of the special characteristics and activities of each school, including the government test results, the wide range of athletic and sports opportunities and the many other out of school activities offered.  School brochures are updated annually so if you would like a current copy please telephone the school or call in and one will be given or sent to you. 

Each of the schools will be happy to receive visits during term time and to show you the school at work.  The emphasis is on planned development and all teachers monitor the progress of each pupil, providing appropriate teaching to support and challenge all pupils. 

If you wish to visit any of the local schools, please contact the head teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time for the visit.  A list of the schools in North Craven appears on the next page, together with the head teacher’s name and telephone number. 

Do you live outside North Craven?

If you live outside the North Craven catchment area you should contact each school to ask about the availability of places for the age of your child.  The staff at the Area Education Office deal with admissions and if there is a place available, you will have to fill in a school preference form.

The Local Network

Your child in the North Craven Schools’ System

 Information for Parents

The system of education offered to those living in our part of North Yorkshire provides for planned progress between the ages of four and eighteen for every child and young person in the area.A team approach has been agreed between the teachers in all the schools in this area and ensures continuous development of the system for the benefit of all pupils